Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pieces of Inspiration

On the rare, rare, rare occasion that writer's block hits and I decide to do something slightly more productive than watch videos on YouTube,* I like to try and find inspiration from outside sources, such as music, other books, or pictures.

*rare being that I do something more productive than YouTube.  Not the writer's block part, unfortunately.

Writer's block is sort of here.  So words aren't really working.  So I'm going to use as few as possible.  Here are some inspiring picture.  PictureS.  Picture plural.  Sometimes I think I should just leave all my typos in my posts and just let the world mock me.  Because some of them are funny.  I amuse myself.  Heh.  OKAY.  PICTURES.

Be inspired.

P.S. If you're super inspired, leave a couple sentence teaser/story in the comments.  That'd be cool.  And stuff.


Short Story Sculptor said...

What a clever idea to get the creative juices going! I'm suffering from a bout of writer's block myself. I think I will write a short block of text about one of these pictures!

Ryan Slattery said...

Sorry for the double-post but here's what I came up with:

He walked down the alley with a quickened pace. He looked up and saw descending orbs of light. One in particular looked to be falling right into his grasp, but he’d have to run, and so he did. The light radiated a warm red against the cool night sky and as he hurried the light began to come into focus. The flame was hovering down with the help of a tiny parachute. He lifted up his hands to receive the gift from heaven but just before it descended low enough it was caught by a woman standing at a balcony above. He tried his best to slow down before hitting the wall but his stride was too great. He bounced off the wall without too much pain and looked up to see the woman with the fiery gift. She was beautiful and giggled at the man’s playful chase. She released the fire and let it drift to the man. It wasn’t long before another floated within her grasp and as they both held their small lanterns they imagined the same thought: perhaps there is a destiny ordained in sky and maybe there is a love above them that delights in love below.