Monday, April 22, 2013


There is a strange and unpleasant phenomenon that I have experienced on multiple occasions.  I don't think there's a title for it.  I might be the only person to experience this (#delusionsofgrandeur).  I take it upon myself to name this beast.

Discriberity: (dis-cry-bear-ity) n. an intense inclination to do anything other than write, despite there being no logical reason not to write.
Example: Sue experienced a bout of discriberity, as she reread her plot outline, designed costumes for her characters, and taught herself to draw instead of writing the first words of her novel.
Clarification: this is different from writer's block in that in writer's block there's often a reason for avoiding writing, such as a plot problem, characters not cooperating, or some other complication that needs solving.  In discriberity, there is absolutely nothing holding the writer back.  It is, of sorts, a mental block.

I reread my plot outline.

I designed costumes for my characters.

I taught myself to draw.

I even wrote a blog post.

There's nothing left to do but write the first words of my novel.  With great reluctance, with an overwhelming sense of foreboding and discriberity, with sadness that I have to leave you with such a short blog post...

I go to my doom.

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