Saturday, June 28, 2014

Um... what?

Hey, so I totally never forgot about this blog or anything.

You see, this was my grand plan.  Please, suspend your disbelief and listen closely.  While I have been *cough* strategically not posting for not-quite-a-year, I have still been, um, planning blog posts.  Brilliant blog posts.  Ones that I will now shower upon you.

Well, not quite now now.

But, you know, eventually.  Shortly.  Sooner than nine months from now.  More regularly.  But not like, so regularly that it's predictable.  I'm a free spirit, yo, I won't be tied down by deadlines.  Except school ones and work ones and ones I impose on myself and ones imposed by the government and parents and friends.

So anyhow, I'm back in business.

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