Friday, July 18, 2014

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Oh, by the way, I'm in Montana.

That pretty much sums it up.

One of my best friends from college transferred between semesters and since we wanted to stay in touch, invited me to spend the summer at her house in Montana, where I could get a waitressing job and basically just bask in the beauty of the mountains.

Eh, why not?

So that's what I'm doing and have been doing for the past two months.  As well as writing a ton, because I left the rest of my friends and family either in MN or scattered about the country at their own homes for the summer.  Which means my free time is either spent with her or when she's busy (gone for a week on a work trip) (or *COUGH* flying out to MN to visit my family because she's dating my older brother) I spend it drinking pots of coffee on my own and writing up mini storms.

It's quite lovely here.  I could probably see myself coming back at some point after college, maybe living here for a few years.  Who really knows?

You know the song that goes "purple mountains' majesty"?  Yeah, well, it wasn't exaggerating.  In the evenings, when the sun has just slid completely out of sight, dusk settles in and the sky either fades out slowly to navy blue or the clouds spark like lighters and that's when the mountains turn this cloudy, veiled, subtle violet.  They stand out with perfect edges against the sky like they were stamped there with ink, but the details are smeared together like water colors still damp.
When I get back from work, I just stand outside of the car, my bag over a shoulder and the keys in a hand, and breathe in the mountains' evening sighs.  The wind settles down at this point and everything seems sleepy and perfectly in order.

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