Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inglenooks and Fairytales

I have a new favorite word.


Wait.  You read it too quickly.  Go back and savor it.  Three syllables, two distinct parts.  Ingle.  Nook.  Try saying it out loud - no really, you'll enjoy it.  It has a nice feel to it: not repetitive, not sticky.  It sort of flows through your mouth like a breath of air, coming in and then back out.  There's a certain rhythm to it as well, a cadence that bumps a little.

Oh, the nerdy sweetness of a new favorite word.

But the deliciousness doesn't end there.  Oh no.  It has quite a nice definition to it as well.  According to, "inglenook" means a corner or nook near a fireplace; a chimney corner.


Doesn't that just add to its unique coziness?  Can't you just see Cinderella crouched in an inglenook, dreaming of her prince?  Or a young mother humming her infant to sleep in a rocking chair in an inglenook?

An inglenook is a place of warmth and comfort.  Maybe in your own home or in a place where you are comfortable enough to feel at home.  It's a corner where you might sip hot chocolate and exchange pieces of life with your mother.  Or you might watch the flames in the fireplace and ponder dreams.  It's a place to have a heart-to-heart with a best friend or to reacquaint yourself with a treasured childhood book.  While you are in an inglenook, dragons are locked outside and the wolves cannot invade and the witches stay far away.  Wishes come true and adventures are desired, but comfortably distant, or maybe safely over.  An inglenook is something to come home to or to dry yourself off in front of after having been caught in a downpour.

Right there, my friends.  A little to the right, because there's a random bowl of wooden fruit occupying the left.  That is an inglenook.

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