Friday, January 18, 2013

Probably the best post I will ever write...

Ok, so in my tagline I did say that I would write mostly about writing and reading, but also about college and life in general, and well, mostly writing.

This is one of those posts (soon to be many, unfortunately) (fortunately?) that has nothing to do with writing and very little to do with college or life in general.

(Yeah, life in general is sort of a cheap tag, because there's not much that doesn't have to do with life in general.)

This post goes beyond the mere confines of writing.  Beyond the smidgeny details of essays and classes.  Far far beyond normal, boring, brain-numbing general life.  But.  At the same time, it has EVERYTHING to do with writing, college, and life.  Whoa.  Mind-blowing, right?

What could this topic be?

What could it BE?

Pure goodness?

Exquisite joy?

Perfection hardly believed to be attainable on this green earth?

Well, yes.

I know with all those descriptions, one would automatically assume that I meant coffee, but that's a post for another day.  At this point... chocolate is what I want to speak about.

Let's admit it: chocolate is the ideal motivation for anything.  Don't want to write?  Promise yourself chocolate.  Don't want to finish homework?  Promise yourself chocolate.  Don't want to work out?  Promise yourself chocolate.  And no, that does not defeat the purpose.  You EARNED it.


  • Chocolate reduces the likelihood of a heart attack.
  • Chocolate may prevent cancer.
  • Napoleon always carried chocolate with him.  (That's one intelligent dude.)
  • Chocolate is good for your skin.
  • Chocolate chips were invented in 1939.
  • Chocolate improves blood flow.
  • The largest chocolate bar weighed 5,026 lbs.
  • Chocolate is a natural anti-depressant.
  • 23 million Hershey's kisses are produced every single day.
  • Chocolate can make you live longer.

Yep.  I think right now is a good time to go treat yourself with a piece of chocolate.  Or a Hershey's kiss.  Or a  chocolate chip.  Or a mocha.  A chocolate-covered espresso bean or raisin.  A mug of hot chocolate.  Chocolate milk.  One of ten bazillion different kinds of chocolate candy bars.  The POSSIBILITIES.

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Short Story Sculptor said...

This post was a great read! I like the use of rewards as motivation! Also, I am not eating chocolate for lent right now and this post is making me very sad...and hungry...but mainly wait, yes...sad :(