Friday, December 28, 2012

A Friend of Mine

Lovelies, I would like to introduce you to someone special.  He's a little nervous to show his face.  Look, there, he's hiding around the corner, peeping out to gauge you and your interest in him.  I told him not to be shy, but I'm not sure how much that helped, because I'm fairly anxious that you'll like him as well.  I've been acquainted with him for a little over a year, I believe, and quite enchanted by him.

Are we ready?  Is it time for the reveal?  Alright.  Come on out.


What is it? you may ask.  Well, pretty much my favorite place on the internet.  It's a little like a writing forum, where you can post stories or poetry or even scripts and receive recognition and feedback for them.  The best part is that even after you post a story, you keep all of the rights to it, and the website makes it impossible for the story to be copied by a different user, so there's no worries for plagiarism.  There are frequent contests to enter and loads of book give-aways and opportunities to have your work read and critiqued by published authors.

I personally love it because it's an ideal place to put my shorter works.  I'm never motivated enough to submit my smaller works to newspapers or contests (honestly, because it feels like being slapped in the face over and over and over*), so it's nice to have a place where other people can actually read them and give me feedback for.  Also, it is an excellent place to release my inner editor while simultaneously helping other writers polish their stories.  It's an excellent community, too.  The other users offer helpful advice and are always up for a swap "I read your story, you read mine" type of thing.

*That sounded a little bitter.  (CURSE YOU MAGAZINES!)  I'm not bitter.  A few years ago I tried submitting to magazines and it was a huge pain, first off to find ones that accepted submissions, that accepted my sorts of submissions, and didn't require that I mail in an actual copy with stamps and fussy stuff.  Then, I had to write a cover letter, an acceptable email, and touch up my story.  Then I had to wait 2-6 months.  And at last I would receive the automated email that said, "Thankyouverymuch, but no."  Tada!  Slap in the face.  So: reluctant to go through that again?  Yes.  Bitter?  Nevah!

Check it out!

(click on the large symbol above)

And also, *twirls hair causally* you can always take a look at the stuff I've put there.  *scuffs shoe*  You know.  If you have the time or something.

And if you are interested... by any chance... here are: links!  LINKSLINKSLINKS!!!  ALL OF THE LINKS!

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