Sunday, December 2, 2012


For the most part, I'm alright with messiness, textbooks and papers scattered over my desk, clothing stuffed into almost-closed drawers, and so forth and so forth.  But sometimes, it just feels so good to be official.  Like tying a ribbon into a bow on the top of a present (I'm sort of in the Christmas mood, so, yes, there will be a lot of Christmas metaphors) or perfectly frosting a cake even though you're about to cut it into pieces and eat it.  You finish and feel good about finishing.

In light of that thought, to celebrate actually finishing* my work-in-progress that is no longer in progress, I made a book cover for my book.  Just for the heck of it.


Bask in the glory.  It looks almost real or something.  P.S. I don't own the image.  I found it on Google or Pinterest.

*Ye-es.  I have actually completed my middle-grade novel, The Riddle Academy, twice before.  BUT, with both of those completions, I immediately decided to start on a rewrite/new draft/completely different book except with most of the same characters and a similar plot line.  So this is totally different.

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