Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading Break

I have a lot of things that I want to do over break.

A) Sleep in.

B) Take naps.

C) Intend to go to bed early, but end up staying up late out with friends or watching The Office in my basement.

D) Earn money.

E) See friends.


This post is mostly concerned with F.  OH ALL THE BOOKS I COULD READ.

The possibilities...

I'm getting dizzy.

Top on my library reserved list and my Goodreads to read list are:

Le drool.  I.  Can't.  Wait.  This sounds so amazing and it's Maggie Stiefvater and I adored The Scorpio Races and and and and....

Lauren Oliver + middle grade fiction = YES.  I can't wait!  Liesl and Po was adorable, Before I Fall was tremendously well written (for a slightly older audience), and I'm in great anticipation of the finale to her YA trilogy.  More Lauren Oliver?  I say yes.

I've heard mixed reviews (courtesy of Goodreads) about this, but the cover is so gorgeous (erm, not that I'm judging based on that or anything) and it's about assassins and the premise sounds awesome.  A runaway pirate bride, pairing up with an assassin, and a life-altering curse.  Methinks yes.

Mirror twins, castaway children, a prince and his double...  Dude.  And I think it was self-published.  At least on the Goodreads page, it said it was published through CreateSpace.  Also all of the websites I tried to click on had been deleted, which makes me think that it was originally self published, but then bought out by a bigger company that is in the process of making "real" websites.  But those are just my ramblings...

This gorgeous book supposedly contains puppet masters, orphans, London, rivals, inheritance...  Not to mention a very cool cover.  (Okay, yeah, I just like good covers and let's all admit that judging books by their covers is sort of part of the marketing business.  It's legal and everything.)

Four kids decide to stop the school bully by kidnapping him.  Of course, things go wrong.  That's pretty much all I know, but it has black birds on it.  Four of them.  Sort of like The Raven Boys (Ye-ah!).  And on that note, now that we've (sort of) come full circle, I think we'll end.  I like neat little circle stories.  So visually pleasing.

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